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A Dramatic Change for the Better!

My elderly kitty had orthopedic surgery on his right knee in Feb '07 and a month later he was still in pain and walking very gingerly. Our local vet suggested Nutramax Cosequin for Cats and within four days there was an absolutely dramatic change for the better. Moses stopped growling, crying, and biting his tail. He began walking around the bedroom in which he was confined (for safety). His appetite improved and he enjoyed grooming once again. He has continued his progress and his walk is sure-footed and appears painless. He sleeps well, is as active as his surgeon allows, and we are very thankful to have found this product. My fiancee believes that Glucosamine and Chondroitin enabled him to postpone his knee surgery for nearly ten years so he was not as surprised as I about our kitty's improvement.

Pain and arthritis control is so difficult in cats. Please speak to your Vet and consider trying this product. Open the capsules and sprinkle into about a tablespoonful of food and mix it in. Our little Mr. Fussy-eater likes it just fine! Then offer any other food your cat might like. Cosequin certainly reduced, and has nearly ended, any visible suffering for our precious little guy. Thanks, Nutramax. RB

My cat loves it

My cat loves this on her food, and she has been more active since she started taking it several months ago. This is my second box. She's 12 years old, going on 13, and has slowed down a lot in the past year. She has the precursors of arthritis, but no sign of actual arthritis yet, but my vet suggested starting her on this early. I've seen a difference - she's more active and picks on the dog more

If only I could get my cat to take it

I read all the reviews and talked to my vet about this product. It sounds AMAZING and so perfect for my senior kitty! The bad thing is that he REFUSES to eat it. I've disguised it in his wet food. I've tried mixing it with the hairball formula he likes. And I even put it in baby food (chicken only, no preservatives or additives or etc... a treat I learned from the breeders) but he can smell it a mile away!

Too bad its in a powder formula because I will not subject him to having me shove a whole pill down his throat every day. =( I only wish they had samples or even smaller boxes of this stuff so that my purchase wouldn't go to such waste.

My cat wouldn't touch this

I had high hopes for this after reading many positive reviews. Unfortunately, my cat would not touch his food after one of these "sprinkle capsules" had been emptied onto it. I didn't make a real effort to administer the capsule whole, as it is fairly large for a cat. I'm happy for those who had success with this product, and wish I had been among them.

Puts a Spring In Her Step

My 16 year old cat was almost immobile with arthritis in her back legs. My polished wood floors made it even harder for her. The vet suggested Cosequin and said he'd seen mixed results with it. It took several months, but Murphy is much improved now. I almost gave up after a couple months of Cosequin, but I'm glad I waited. Give the meds plenty of time to work.

My cat got diarreah from it

I bought this for my twelve year old cat, who is in excellent condition. I thought I would start giving him this supplement as to prevent any signs of aging and figured, if anything, it wouldn't do any harm. I would open the capsules and pour the powder into his usual mix of wet and dry food and he ate it all fine. Didn't even seem to notice. After the first week, I noticed he started getting bad diarreah so I immediately went online to do some research only to find out that one of the side effects are/can be vomitting and/or diarreah and some other ones. I immediately took him off it. I also didn't see any improvement but that might be because he was healthy and active to begin with. My advice: If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it! Hope this helps!

not sure

i don't know how to rate this. i only bought one bottle but our cat occassional coughs up a hair ball and after starting this, she began to vomit more often so we quit using it halfway thru the bottle. don't know if this caused it, i'm sure there are a lot of reason she could vomit- she is old, she eats too much (steals other cat's food if we aren't careful), eats too fast- but i couldn't take the risk anymore and since i stopped, the vomit has decreased. so i didn't use it long enough to see a difference in her joint movement

I love Cosequin!

I have a 4 1/2 year old cat who's suffered from sterile cystitis since she was a young kitten. This is rare in cats so young so it took a long time and many tests to figure out what was wrong with her. Finally our vet mentioned that there was a possibility she had sterile cystitis and that we should try Cosequin and see if it worked. Our first night trying it this skittish kitten who hated pills licked up half of the powder before I could even mix it in with the food! She loved it! Within about a week her symptoms were dissipating and we stopped noticing as much blood in her urine. A few weeks later she was just fine, obviously not in pain anymore. She's been on these pills about 3 years now, taking one nearly every night in a small amount of babyfood, and we've only seen a couple small, short outbreaks of her sterile cystitis, and only during periods of very high stress (such as when we moved).

While it doesn't break the bank at the vet, it's MUCH cheaper on here, more than half off the price I've noticed. Also we've never had a problem with it showing up late or damaged. Since our cat could very well be on this for the rest of her life I'm so glad we have a place to buy it from that saves us so much money!

Makes My Old Dogs Young Again

I was first introduced to this product three years ago when I used it with my 9 yr old Golden Retriever; he was limping and had a hard time on the stairs. After 6 weeks of starting Cosequin DS he was back to playing ball and the stairs were not a problem; that's when I found gold in a bottle. I now use it on my 9 yr. old Chocolate Lab and 9 yr. old Chesapeake Bay Retriever; both dogs are very active and don't show their age at all, and I know its because they get a daily supplement of Cosequin DS.

Excellent product

I've purchased product a few times thru Amazon. Petsmart sells the 100 count for $59.99 and I can purchase through Amazon for $70.28 with free shipping. So, for about $11.00 more I get over double the amount of pills. Great deal.

The product has helped my dog with his joint problems in his neck, back and legs. I saw the improvement in my dog within the first week. The recommendation came from the Vet's office.

Didn't work for me

I really hate to be a "wet blanket," but this medication was a total waste of money and my dogs went through unnecessary pain. I have a shih tzu, a chow, and a dachshund. (I didn't know when I got these dogs that they were prone to bad backs and/or hip dysplasia - learn from my experience and educate yourself before buying a dog - no matter how sweet!) I'd been giving them glucosamine chondroitin for a couple of years and they thrived. I made a mistake and ordered the Cosequin tablets and they've suffered since they've been taking it. I couldn't afford the expense to throw out the Cosequin and spend big money (to me) for glucosamine chondroitin meds. Now I'm switching back to G-C and expect them to walk painlessly soon.

Do Cosequin and do your dog a favor!

My vet recommended that my Rottweiler have hip surgery. We started him on this and in no time he was up and running, and better than new. He also takes Rimadyl, but the Cosequin DS has made a world of difference to him.

Helped joint stiffness but caused vomiting...

I gave this product to my 7 year old retriever for about 17 days but had to stop because it made her vomit. It did seem to help her joint stiffness, and she ate the tablets readily (which I mixed with her food). However, after a few days, she began to vomit several times a day within an hour or two of eating. My vet suggested I stop the cosequin to see if that would stop the vomiting--it did. I guess I'll look for another product that contains glucosamine/chondroitin and see if my dog can tolerate that.

Had to adjust doseage

I have friends who reccommended this product and after trying several other brands I thought I would ignore the higher cost of this product and give it a try. The first bottle of 100 tablets seemed to help my 7yr old arthritic Dane a bit but not enough to make him comfortable. My vet suggested that I increase the doseage and see if that helps... so I bought another bottle and went from two tablets twice a day to three tablets twice a day and we have seen some improvement. This boy will never be a playful puppy again so I just want to make him comfortable. I probably will increase the doseage again to see if that finally gives him the relief he deserves. LUckily he likes the taste so he doesn't hesitate to eat them instead of me having to shove pills down his slobbery throat!


I've now had both of my older dogs on this for two months. Both are German Shepherd Dog mixes. The boy weighs 82 pounds, the girl weighs 73 pounds and are seven and nine years old respectively. The younger one will eat a tablet, no questions asked (of course he eats anything anyway!) but the older female has to have hers crumbled up in her dog food before she will eat it.

Neither show any side effects like vomiting or diarrhea.

Initially I thought I saw improvement in the older dog after about three weeks. She'd run with our much younger three-year-old dog and frolic around like old times. But now that her body seems used to the daily regimen, she seems to be back to her morning stiffness and evening limpness despite giving her 2-3 tablets a day.

So I don't know what to think. Increase the dosage, try something new? You can't beat the price here on Amazon, and the dosage is greater than some of the cheaper brands I've tried over the years. But I'm not quite convinced this stuff is the elixer for arthritic, older dogs.

miracle drug

This drug is awesome. Within 2 weeks I noticed a remarkable difference in my dog. Codey loves to swim. Getting in the pool was no problem, but getting out we had to help him. After the drug kicked in, he had no problem getting out on his own. Cosequin is definitly worth the money.

Cosequin for Limping Husky

So far I have not seen a difference in my husky's limping. She seems to be getting worse,instead of better. I'm puzzled, and will continue to check with the vet....Hope this helps you, but it hasn't helped my girl.

Good, but not a miracle.

This Cosequin product helps, I'm convinced. But, don't expect miracles. I'm pleased with the results, but I'm not seeing a new dog.